Meet our people

Scott Fryer

Product Design Engineer

I am a Product Development Engineer working in the Beverage and Toast department and have been with Breville for around 18 months. My day to day routine is quite varied and includes all aspects of the product development process – one day I will be brainstorming new ideas and solutions, the next I will be doing detailed design, CAD simulations and collaborating with my colleagues. This is what I love the most about my job – the variation in my work and the amazing creative and technical minds that I work with on a daily basis.

Damian Rocca

Industrial Designer

I’ve been working at Breville for 2 years as an Industrial Designer in team Cooking. Breville provides an incredible opportunity to work in a fun and highly skilled product development team where I’m able to help create industry leading products. I love the variety of work I get to do as a designer here at Breville. We see all stages of project development and work with everyone from chefs and technical development teams right through to marketing and manufacturing teams and finally our end users. It is extremely humbling to be surrounded by a such a diverse range of experts which I call colleagues. We never need much of an excuse to get hands on with some food, everyone here is so passionate about what we do and what we love to eat. There is never a dull moment around the office, there’s always people tinkering with a new product or testing a recipe which you’re obliged to taste.

Catherine Ruspino

Global Business Manager for Cooking

I’m the Global Business Manager for Cooking, looking after the development team’s new product output globally. I’ve been with Breville for more than 7 years. I believe Breville offers a special opportunity for employees in Australia in that it is a global company headquartered in Sydney. Therefore, Breville offers the diversity and challenge of making products to meet the needs for global customers, each with their own unique take on cooking.  I like the design-led culture at Breville and more specifically, the ‘Design Thinking’ approach to accepting and solving problems. The culture encourages a creative, innovative and supportive environment in which to tackle problems. Putting the focus on the customer, Breville allows employees to focus on creating the best solutions for home cooks. The collegial environment encourages diversity of perspective, whether engineering, design, kitchen or go to market when evaluating the value of solution options the teams assess. We all learn from each other.

Raymon So

Global Marketing Expansion Coordinator

I joined the global Go-to-Market team some 16 months ago working as the Global Marketing Coordinator, the role has given me experience in all aspects of marketing on a global scale. It has been a really exciting time, and challenging, to be honest. When I joined Sage (as Breville is known in Europe) was available in UK and Ireland and since then it has rolled out into 17 new regions, and it has been a real thrill to help support the EU team in the expansion and see the success to date. Of course, it would be nice to have less conference calls in the evening but it’s part and parcel of working in a fast growing, global brand. I’ve now gained a permanent position in a newly created Global Marketing Expansion Coordinator role and geared up to continue the momentum of the Sage roll out and deliver the best in class launches. Our global marketing team is as our name suggests with members from every continent in the world. We work hard, support each other cheerfully and banter openly, we have ping pong battles, frequent cake days and are always laughing about something or other. It is enjoyable not only because I respect the people I work with, but I also like them, and I think that is special. On top of all this is the fact that there is lots of food around, all the time! For testing, marketing, events – after all food is our passion!

Vivid Savitri

Head of User Experience (UX)

Since joining Breville last April 2018, I have helped initiate a digital transition process to enable Breville to better collaborate across a multi-disciplinary team. This has lead to more streamlined workflow, communication transparency and making critical information easily accessible. The adoption of digital collaboration platform initiative led to better use of people’s time and allowed them to focus their effort solving significant creative challenges. Breville’s North Star is to help our customers make every food moment a perfect occasion, which drives our mission to ‘make the process a pleasure and the results perfect’ every time. So, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to design for an experience that enables people to master every cooking moment. Peoples relationship with food (and coffee) is very personal and often culturally influenced by their upbringing. To be part of a ‘Food Thinking’ culture that plays in the intersection of product design, engineering, UX and technology is a challenge that I am excited to be part of. When not working or travelling for work, I enjoy practising my sourdough bread baking skills, going on hikes, playing video games, race sailing, and planning for the next photography adventure.

Annie Logue

Food Specialist, Test Kitchen

Working with the team of passionate food thinkers at Breville, over the last 4 years, has been a very rewarding transition from an extensive catering career in Australia and Europe. In the Test kitchen I work alongside the engineers and designers as each product moves through its building and development stages, testing performance and fine tuning outcomes to achieve excellence in our cooking appliances. There is a wonderful energy around food here and our diverse mix of cultures and experiences brings vibrant conversation and sharing of food knowledge.

Olivia Baillie

Marketing Associate

In May 2018 I started my role as Marketing Associate in the Australian Business Unit. As my first full time role coming out of university, Breville has provided me with a workplace where I have been able to grow, develop and refine what I had learnt and apply these skills practically. No one day is the same for me, they can range from writing briefs for new promotions to cooking waffles for a retailer presentation. The supportive community and challenging, yet rewarding work is why I enjoy coming to work each day. The only downside is that I’ve been converted into a true coffee snob.

Julio Enriquez

Category Analyst

I work as a Category Analyst in the Australian Business Unit helping our team to make better informed sales and marketing decisions. I’ve been working here for two years, in that time my role has allowed me to collaborate with a really capable group of colleagues both locally and globally. I’ve found almost everyone to be down-to-earth and with a practical sense to get things done. Our leadership team have an ambitious vision and encourage new ideas and ways of working. It’s a fascinating place to work for many reasons, our products span multiple categories within the home, and our operations range from design, production and logistics, through to marketing, retail and post-purchase. Being able to apply an economics lens to all of those areas means there’s always something exciting for me to work on. I’m truly enjoying being part of this unique business, one with a genuine focus on the customer, product innovation and category development, matched with strong commercial thinking.

Gerard White

Design Manager Beverage and Toast

I’m the Design manager for Beverage and Toast, as well as a professional cat herder, clairvoyant and magician. I’ve been with Breville for more than 15 years. Breville provides an opportunity to innovate, make and learn. What I really like here is the awesome people I work with (and their passion), the variety of different facets to the business I am exposed to and the stories people tell me about how much they love Breville products.

Tessy Tian

Quality Engineer

I have been a quality engineer for about 15 years at Breville. We are encouraged to be involved and speak up in all aspects of project work. Firstly, my role is to provide input from a quality perspective for design and engineering changes and to monitor, as well as review progress during the development stage for any potential failure that could occur in the field. Secondly, I review and take appropriate action on any Breville product that may be returned/ This reduces the possibility of future returns and improved customer satisfaction. My colleagues are caring and considerate to each other. While we might be intently working on a detailed project issue or in-depth discussion, we still have a good time and share a joke or interesting moment that makes your day.